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Wynwood Road, Toton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG9 6NB


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Massage Therapy & Acupuncture Nottingham

Welcome to Body Balance Oriental Therapies, my name is Ian Jenkinson and I specialise in massage therapy and acupuncture in Nottingham. As a fully qualified practitioner of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), I am a member of the Acupuncture Acutherapy Council and am registered with both CNHC and Broxtowe Borough Councils.

Trained by the internationally respected Maria Mercati, I studied at the International Bodyharmonics Centre in Cheltenham. Subsequently, I am skilled in a broad range of holistic treatments including TCM Acupuncture, Auricular and Facial Enhancement Acupuncture, in addition to Tui Na and Indonesian Massage.

I am able to treat many different health problems including musculoskeletal and internal imbalances. Using a combination of Acupuncture and Massage therapies, I regularly treat clients who have experienced a variety of health complaints for months or even years.

Many of my clients have exhausted traditional methods of treatment including surgery, physiotherapy and medication. I offer an alternative approach to physical and mental well being, offering a caring yet professional service to all who need it.

My Range Of Treatments Include:

  • TCM Acupuncture
  • Master Tungs’ Acupuncture
  • Wrist / Ankle Acupuncture
  • Auricular Acupuncture
  • Electro Acupuncture
  • Indonesian Massage
  • Tui Na (Traditional Chinese Medical Massage & Manipulation)
  • Facial Enhancement Acupuncture
  • Battlefield Acupuncture
  • Korean Hand Therapy

About Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese mapped out a network of Meridians (channels) in the body, through which flows life powering energy called Qi (pronounced Chee). Today's technology can prove these meridians are exactly where they said they were thousands of years ago.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, good health is a balanced flow of Qi and blood. Imbalances in the flow of Qi and blood can result in pain and disease. TCM uses a totally different way to diagnose and treat health problems. It works to restore the balance of Qi and blood and to clear any blockages (stagnation) in the channels. The therapist knows which channels and which points to stimulate to correct problems in both body and mind.

Successful Trip To China

I have spent some time studying at the Shandong University Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. I learned a great deal as expected, meeting with other TCM practitioners and healthcare professionals. A good experience for everyone, I have already applied my findings to the treatments I offer, striving to continuously better myself and the treatments I provide.

For more information about Acupuncture in Nottingham, please call Body Balance Oriental Therapies today on: 07929 184 040

What Our Customer's Are Saying...

I highly recommend Ian. He helped me when I had back problems, he got me in quickly and I was pleased with my treatments.

Sallyann Jones - 8th February 2018

I went to see Ian originally to support me with some running injuries I had incurred, and also to help balance my energies and keep me grounded and cleansed from the work I undertake. Since starting with Ian, all the original muscular issues I had have been fixed, and any that crop up are addressed each time I go. The acupuncture has a hugely positive impact on my energy levels and has supported m...

Ciara Smyth - 8th February 2018

Fybomyalgia symptoms Report Review My first appointment with Ian was in March this year. I had been diagnosed with 'likely fybromyalgia' this is an extremely hard illness to prove. I had severe migraines, lasting days, and aching muscles, which caused me to limp, it was painful even to get dressed. It really was a game changer. The debilitating physical symptoms affected my ability to sleep and ...

DawnS-41 - 9th December 2016

I contacted Ian Jenkinson after realising that my overall health was deteriorating. I attended his acupuncture combined with Chinese massage sessions regularly for several weeks and experienced a significant improvement in my energy levels, skin health and ease of movement. Ian is considerate, knowledgable and thorough and I would recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their health.

Laura Field - 4th February 2016

My 12 yr old daughter had been suffering severe headaches, stomach pain, dizziness and nausea for several months. She was unable to manage school and she felt her life was "on hold". After several trips to the GP/Hospital and seeing no benefits, I did some research and stumbled across Ians website.I was a little sceptical at first but Ian has been amazing, he was unsure if he could help but was wi...

Carol - Nottingham - 6th January 2015

After all traditional treatment (including surgery) for my bi-lateral frozen shoulder failed to give me any relief from constant pain; I like many people, turned to ‘alternative’ therapy as a last resort. After an extensive initial appointment, where Ian explored all aspects of my health and wellbeing, we embarked on a rigorous massage and acupuncture regime. This was to be no ‘spa’ massag...

Vicky Nightingale-Shaw - 6th January 2015

I was recommended to Ian and went feeling sceptical. I found him sensitive, dedicated, knowledgeable and caring. What he does is powerful stuff and can feel life-changing for a short time,but I'm discovering that only after a longer period of treatment am I feeling its real benefit. Thank you Ian. THIS TESTIMONIAL WAS PRE 2015 AND TRANSFERED TO THIS NEW WEBSITE.

Barbara Hill - 6th January 2015

From my personal experience I have only had 4 sessions with Ian and have ready seen a huge improvement with my problems!! Acupuncture is definitely the way forward! Ian is friendly and welcoming! And the treatment really works which is the main thing! I would recommend Ian to anyone for any problem!!! Thanks so much Ian!! THIS TESTIMONIAL WAS PRE 2015 AND TRANSFERED TO THIS NEW WEBSITE.

Vicky Douglas - 6th January 2015

I have been suffering with sciatica for several months, hoping it would cure itself and not wanting the pain killers and antiinflammatories I would get from my GP. Some years back I had found accupuncture worked well for me. Needing someone close to home I located Ian in Toton. I've now had 6 treatments of Tui na massage and accunpuncture and the pain is ebbing away. Ian is very gentle when needed...

Carol Scott - 6th January 2015

‘After having back pain on and off for about six years, my latest lower back pain started early May. Three weeks off work and Physio treatment I was still stiff and sore until mid August I then had two treatments from Ian, Monday and Friday. The pain from my back had gone by that week and my movement is totally restored. Excellent treatment !’THIS TESTIMONIAL WAS PRE 2015 AND TRANSFERED TO THI...

Ian Bennett - 6th January 2015

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